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Concrete floor casting

Selecting concrete quality

The outcome of the HTC Superfloor® method will depend on the ballast of the concrete to which it is applied and how much of the ballast the customer would like exposed. The final appearance required by the customer may therefore influence the quality of the concrete they select.

The hardness of the concrete will have an impact.  C-hardness of 28-35, is ideal for the HTC Superfloor® method as this type of concrete is easy to grind down to expose the ballast. When using concrete with a higher level of hardness, it is more difficult to expose the ballast.

The customer should also consider the size of ballast stones and cement viscosity they select.  Stones sized 16-32 mm and cement with higher viscosity are suitable in instances where the customer would prefer a more visible ballast. Stones sized 0-8 mm combined with cement with low viscosity will result in a more fragmented appearance and are suitable for customers less concerned with ballast exposure.