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The Twister concept

TWISTER -  environmentally friendly cleaning.

  • Outstanding results
  • Low life cycle cost
  • Evironmental friendly
  • User friendly
Twister is a revolutionary new floor cleaning method invented in Sweden.

Twister pads are sprayed with diamonds that both cleans and polishes your floor at the same time. This way there is no need for any chemical polish or periodical deep cleaning. The floor actually becomes more shiny and cleaner over time! Twister is ideal for Superfloor and concrete floors, but can be used on any kind of floor.

Compared to traditional chemical based janitorial systems, where the chemicals is given a very short time to react with the dirt when using auto scrubbers, the Twister™ pad will effectively remove any dirt or grease mechanically during normal cleaning routines with the help of diamonds. No extra time or effort is needed. The Twister pads can be used on any kind of floor

Same routine - better result
With Twister™, the same cleaning routines and machinery as before is used. Just change the traditional pads and chemicals to a Twister™ pad and water. An easy rule of thumb is that wherever a red pad and cleaning chemicals is used it can be replaced by a green Twister™ pad and water.
Outstanding quality 
  • High gloss finish
  • Great cleanliness
  • Easy maintenance
Cost efficient
  • No chemicals used
  • No periodic maintenance needed
  • Twister™ pads have a long lifetime
  • Reduces cleaning time  
Environmental sustainability
  • The most environmentally friendly solution
  • Reduced chemical usage – only water needed in daily cleaning
  • No wax, polish or periodic maintenance is needed
User friendly
  • Twister™ pads fit all kinds of scrubbing machines and are available in different sizes
  • Twister™ simply replaces your current pads.Your regular cleaning routine remains the same without the chemicals.
  • One cleaning phase with Twister™ is enough, even on the most demanding surfaces!
  • One and only pad for daily cleaning
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