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Superfloor benefits

Superfloor - Your beautiful concrete floor

A floor should be function and aesthetically pleasing. That’s why we love HTC Superfloor™. It gives a glossy flat concrete surface that is not only beautiful– it has a lot of other functional benefits also.

Durable, low life cycle cost

HTC Superfloor™ has an extremely low life cycle cost for all kinds of business activities. Compared with other methods used for concrete floors like epoxy Superfloor™ offers an extreme durability. The concrete has an unlimited lifespan, that is, just as long lifespan as the building itself.
The upfront investment is  about the same as for other traditional floor solutions, but with an extremely low maintenance cost and a longer life span the HTC Superfloor™ is the most economically sensible option for industrial floors and also in many other kind of business environments. The life cycle cost is actually almost 60% lower than for other floor solutions.

Superfloor - Saving the planet

Concrete is made of only natural materials. It is the coatings on the surface that are usually applied on top of the concrete that have a negative effect on the environment. HTC Superfloor™ consumes 30 times less energy than other traditional floor solutions.

One concept - different results

HTC Superfloor™ has develeped four methods; Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. You can choose between having your floor with a matt surface finish or a high gloss finish. All of the HTC Superfloor™ concepts are functional, economical, eco-friendly, aesthetically appealing.

Colour your floor!

You can add any colour to your conrete floor. You can bring color to the entire floor or just colour your company logo in your industrial floor.Read more about the Superfloor method
Chemical free cleaning

The HTC Twister™ cleaning method keeps all types of floors (incl. industrial floors) clean with a minimum amount of effort. All you need is water – no chemicals or polishing agents. That makes HTC Twister™ more harmless to floors and produces brilliant cleaning results. The Twister pads fit most of the cleaning machines available on the market. Read more about Twister